We Are Italy: Masters of Quality

We Are Italy is a project born from the desire to promote Italian quality products in Italy and especially abroad. Italy is considered the home of good gastronomy, thanks to its historical, cultural and territorial features that distinguish it. "Made in Italy" is a sentence that many people listen and search for, to find quality products.

Why Masters of Quality? Because the whole world tries to imitate us, but our products, culture and quality in or speciliaties make us Special.

Food is Life, Passion, Taste, Fantasy, but also Economy. So we offer a clearly visible place on the web to all the Italian companies interested to be known into national and foreign trade, providing an interesting showcase, full of curiosities related to food, with particular attemption for culinary excellence and for typical speciality of our country.

Here's how Vint Cerf talks about web for economy in one of his public contribution. This interesting video is part of the project "Made in Italy: Excellence in Digital", of Google in collaboration with Unioncamere and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.