11 May 2015

Word of mouth and food diffusion - Latest news

Word of mouth is the stronger way of food diffusion, ten times as much than advertisement

Our Country is the birthplace of food, without a doubt, and we all say this. At least in 2015. A few years ago, almost nobody cared about quality, and just a few of us thought about food, so much so that the best chefs, all middle-aged, declare that when they started with cooking, to be a chef meant not wanting to work.

For this reason, eating meant to survive or waste money for very expensive foods, caviar and champagne, while anybody really cared about the many little precious foods present in our territory.

Things seem to be different now, according to what emerge from a recent poll proposed by Trnd, a society skilled in marketing, that exposed it to the clients of Expo, from 25 to 50 years old.

It must be said that who is curious about Expo, automatically is interested about food, because who does not really care, just does not go there, and results could be in part misrepresented by this aspect.

In any case, the results of the poll are clear: the people interviewed talk often about food, topic that goes beyond soccer and gossip, while when they want to taste a new food (in particular not from Italy), they trust in the advices of friends, more than web, which is in the second place, doctors or television, which is almost irrelevant.

So, it seems that Italians are curious to try a new food, only after some friends talked about it at the table. Probably, it is due to food advertising of these years, so that Italians are becoming the real "engine" of Italian foods. Only with this awareness we will be able to export the idea that Italian products are superior than junk-food present worldwide.